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Palm Springs Trip Details

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We're going to Palm Springs!

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OutCycling Palm Springs Weekend - March 5-9, 2015 

Option 1. The OutCycling House is SOLD OUT! 

The property has a pool, hot-tub, and wifi included. It will be our home base for 3 days of cycling with routes from approximately 45-100 miles daily. We'll be grilling and relaxing poolside here.

Option 2. Make your own travel arrangements, or you are a Desert Area resident.

OutCycling can provide referrals for accommodations close to our daily starting point if you're traveling, and possibly match you with a roommate to share lodging expenses.

We really want to mingle with local cyclists, so please join us.

Either Way - We will welcome you (with complimentary temporary membership) for 1-3 days of cycling with routes from approximately 45-100 miles daily, as well as a Pool Party and Bar-B-Que at the house.

Cycle routes will depart from Koffi in South Palm Springs at approximately 9am and you will be responsible for getting to/from this location. If you select this option, please confirm your participation by e-mail to Eduardo@OutCycling.org. Confirmed riders will receive the most updated information.

Note: We'll work with you to coordinate bicycle shipping so you can use your own bike. Alternatively, we can refer you to a bike rental establishment. Please contact Eduardo@OutCycling.org if you have any questions or need additional information.

Tentative Route Schedule (Mileage is approximate and optional spurs may be added)

Friday Route - WhiteWater Preserve - 45+ miles

Saturday Route - La Quinta Cove - 65+ miles

Sunday Route - Thermal Airport - 78+ miles

If you're not staying in the OutCycling House there is no required charge to participate. The PayPal link below was set up to process housing payments and remains available for other trip-related payments for individuals as needed.

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