Enjoy the Ride!

Tailwind Indoor Training -

Curious about computraining?  Now you can try it for one session and see if it's right for you. 

When: Sat. Jan 21st or Sat Jan28th - noon
Where: 119 West 23rd Street, Ste 304
Time:  Noon
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: $25.00/seesion

Tailwind uses the Computrainer Multirider indoor training system.  Each participant brings their personal bike to class (optional: store bike at Tailwind for duration of training series) and their bike is  connected to a Computrainer Multirider.  

All participants follow the same workout, but each rider’s session is tailored to their specific threshold/abilities, thus delivering a highly customized and individualized training session. 

All cycling levels are welcome -  the sessions are customized to each person’s abilities!!  Whether you are a long time cyclist or a newbie, you can benefit from the sessions and achieve increased endurance, threshold and power.  

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